Free Skincare Tips ; That Everyone Can Use

Free Skincare Tips ; That Everyone Can Use

Are you starting your skin care in mid-age? Are you a women with family to take care of and started feeling that you are ignoring yourself? Are an ambitious women with big dreams and kept yourself so involved that never thought of taking good care of your skin? Then , welcome to the club of super women of Pakistan. Here we listed few tips for skincare routine that are recommended by dermatologists

Exfoliate, Moisturize, Sunscreen and Repeat

Exfoliation or Cleansing of Skin:

Exfoliation and cleansing is a must of skin care routing specially when you are living in a climate like Pakistan which is dusty and highly humid most of the time. Cleansing or Exfoliation whatever you call it an important part of skincare routine specially when you are working whole day in an office environment where your skin is exposed to dust and microbes or doing daily chores at home.
Exfoliation and Cleansing basically removed the dead skin. It also clear your skin from dust and oil. It also helps your skin collagen to regenerate.

How to do it?
  • Choose a facewash with minimum chemical ingredients to save your skin from chemical abrasion, herbal facewashes are a better choice for it.
  • Don’t Rub in harsh manner, its your skin, not your clothes. Rub your skin gently with some deep massage.
  • Try the hydrating skin cleanser.

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